Saturday, November 3, 2012

Special Mitt Romney Statement Just Released...

(Editor's note: Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has released the following statement...)

Good evening...

With less than 90 hours to go until the polls open on election day, I've take some time after my speech earlier today to reflect on where my campaign is. There's been some things troubling me and I can't remain silent any longer. I have to speak. I have to speak now.

For most of my political career, I've been a moderate. That approach served me well up until the GOP primaries. It was pointed out to me in very clear terms that if I wanted to get support and donations from conservatives, I'd have to convince them that I actually was one of them. I agreed to move to the right on virtually everything. I wasn't wild about it, but there seemed no other way. Hence my "severe conservative" remarks...

I've had to abandon many of the moderate positions I'd taken earlier on my career on everything from climate change, same sex marriage, women's rights and healthcare. It's been difficult arguing the other side of these cases for the last few months. I've also been too quiet on some of the offensive remarks and attacks aimed at my opponent, President Obama. President Obama is a good, decent American Christian who has shown all of us the value of tolerance. His first term has been at worst, a modest success.

I say here and now, I was wrong to change my stance to appeal to the hard core conservatives. I apologize to my wife, my children, my friends, supporters and contributors. When considering someone for the highest office in the land, you not only have every right to explore their character, you have a duty. I changed my stance on these issues and others in order to try and become President. I justified it by telling myself that once I was in office, I could soften my stances and lead from a more moderate position. With the odds of me winning next Tuesday looking worse by the day, I've decided to come clean. Put it all out there, warts and all for the American people to decide if Mitt Romney, the real Mitt Romney, is worth another look.

There will be some changes made, effective immediately that effect my campaign...

First, I've asked Paul Ryan to step down as my Vice President candidate. He has agreed and will now focus on his House race in Wisconsin. Paul is a bright shining star that we will hear great things from someday, but I want to replace him with the man who was my first choice, Jon Huntsman. Jon is an expert at foreign affairs and has a high knowledge level. Our relationship with China will be integral over the next several years and I want Jon's expertise close at hand. Plus, he has a great record of business development that we'll also need to tap into as we rebuild our economy.

Second, I realize the importance of Bi-Partisanship in Congress. We, as a team must work to do the work of the People we represent. As a gesture of my determination of leading a different kind of Congress, I've decided that there are certain Republicans running for office currently that really have no interest in reaching across the aisle. Two come to mind. Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia and Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota. Both have voiced an intention of staying inflexible with their ideas and party agenda. While I think holding fast to your values is important, compromise is essential to good productive governance. As proof that I'm serious about Congress working together, this evening I've donated one million dollars to each of their opponents. It may cost me some votes, but if I wind up as President, I want people working with me who are open to some semblance of give and take.

Thirdly, a few words about the hard shift to the right that my party has taken in recent years. We've gone too far. Our principles of small government, prudent fiscal policy and a strong military aren't wrong. They're absolutely right. However, when we demonize those who have different ideas, we're wrong. Reasonable people can disagree. They ought not be ridiculed or characterized as un-american, dangerous or anything else. I also ask the media, on all sides and yes that means Fox News and MSNBC, to cool it with the over-heated rhetoric. It doesn't help anything.

A Romney/Huntsman team has years of successful experience in growing jobs, plus we offer proven management skills and foreign policy credentials. We'll work with Congress to reduce the size of Government, while maintaining our important social safety net. The Affordable Care Act will continue to be the law of the land, but we'll have serious tort reform legislation introduced at the next session of Congress. While its already in the law, tonight Jon and I pledge that we will get our health insurance from the same pool of coverage options that all federal workers have available to them. We will look for opportunities to make the ACA as business-friendly as possible. We'll work on reforming our tax codes, both personal income and corporate level taxes. We'll propose serious immigration reform by our 3rd year in office. We'll also target a balanced approach toward deficit reduction.

As crazy as it sounds, I still ask for your vote. I've been a problem solver all my adult life. There are problems...big ones we all face together over the next several years. I feel confident that I can lead the United States in a better direction. If you agree with me and want a different direction and leadership team in the White House, please consider voting for me.

Thank You,

God Bless America

Mitt Romney

(Ok, so Mitt Romney didn't really issue this statement, but one has to wonder if he had a few months ago, what would the race look like now?)

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