Thursday, November 29, 2012

Online Reports Allege Susan Rice Holds Major Financial Interest in Keystone Pipeline Project...

(UPDATE: According to the, liberal groups now pushing for Rice to divest herself totally from any companies doing any business related to the Keystone Pipeline project...)

I'm just catching wind of this...saw the story from via Mother Jones about US United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice allegedly holding a pretty significant financial stake in several Canadian oil and pipeline companies that are involved with the Keystone Pipeline project. Rice is, of course, currently in the sites of several conservative lawmakers including John McCain and Lindsey Graham about her comments on several Sunday morning talk shows a few weeks ago about the attacks on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Here is the story from Mother Jones, and the original story from

What this all means is hard to say right now. If President Obama doesn't plan on nominating her as our next Secretary of State, then this probably goes away pretty fast. if he does plan on promoting her, then its just another obstacle in her way to confirmation. There was also another story out today that suggests Rice holds investments that do business with the Government of Iran, which has been discouraged for some time. The company in question is Shell Oil, which I imagine many congressmen also hold interest in. This last story, on the surface sounds worse that it probably is.

Rice has clearly pissed some people off it seems.

Her comments about Benghazi that have drawn such controversy from the right don't seem to be going away or forgiven, which to my mind seems highly political in nature. She was asked to speak on the Sunday talk shows...she was given edited talking points to base her comments from...she did so stressing that the information that had at the time was preliminary and likely to change...which it did. McCain, Graham, etc. can puff out their chests and wonder aloud what if this or what if that, but in then end, it just doesn't seem to me to be as evil a deed as they apparently wish it was. To make this sort of political hay over the deaths of four Americans is distasteful to me.

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