Friday, May 6, 2011

Hit list...

Looking for a few good articles to read? Try these...

*Lanny Davis of Purple Nation asks can't we drop the extremist political harping and have a feel good moment?

*Igor Volsky writes about Paul Ryan admitting at a town hall that his plan contains an individual mandate, too...

*Washington Post poll shows the number of people who believe President Obama was born in the US rises from 48% a year ago to 70% after he released his long form birth certificate.

*USA Today reports that Measles are on the rise, while inoculations for measles have declined...

*Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis says, the wheels fell off for us..." after Tampa Bay swept the Caps.


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  2. And so three out of ten people don't believe Obama was born in the United States.

    Despite the uptick, I still find it pretty sad that what we have here is a mini-monument to the staying power of lies when they've been created and repeated by a nice-enough looking fellow on TV and he's wearing a suit, and those guys tell the truth because that's their job, no?